Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold Night

We're supposed to have our first freeze tonight, so I harvested anything still on the vine.  It was a beautiful Indian summer, but the hammer is coming down tonight.  It's kind of sad, because there are blossoms on the strawberries and zucchini, and the roses look like it's June.  I also have quite a few tavera beans. I still have a few strawberries, which is just weird, and one vine of snow peas is still producing, but tonight will likely put an end to all that nonsense.   Plenty of chard, kale, and napa cabbage, but that's to be expected.  The cold won't bother them, the bigger surprise is that they made it through the heat this summer.

I planted the garlic and the shallots, both from stock I harvested this summer.  Found a few more spuds along the way.  Most of the beds are weeded and mulched over for the winter.  I still need to renovate the strawberries, but that's about it.  The garden is just about done for the year.   The kale and chard should over-winter just fine, and I really don't know about the napa cabbage.  Most of it bolted months ago, but a few plants hung on and they look fine, so maybe with enough mulch they'll persevere.

Here comes the long grey winter.  At least I have a pantry full of garlic, onions, and potatoes to comfort me.  If I could learn how to distill vodka from the taters I'd be set.