Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family Time in Lishui

We spent the first week or so in Lishui, Drew's hometown.  We stayed with his parents, two brothers, sister-in-law, and our two and a half year old nephew, Yao Yao.  This was our first time meeting Yao Yao in person, although we'd talked to him several times with Skype, and he even called us once by himself.  He couldn't get enough of playing with his exotic auntie.  My in-laws were very kind to me, as always.   My mother-in-law accused Drew of hiding food from me if a dish was ever beyond my reach at the dinner table, and Yao Yao brought me whatever he thought I needed, from a hair dryer to a frozen sausage.  The last night we were there Drew's brother Jun told me, in English, "this is your family."  He said something similar to me last time I saw him, two years ago in Croatia, and both times made me tear up.  I had a lovely time, and at at the end of it we all went to Hangzhou for a couple of days, then said our goodbyes.