Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'll get back to garden stuff any day now.  However, I've just committed to running in the North Olympic Discovery Marathon in June, and I'm so excited I may fall out of my chair.  I've never run in an event longer than 5k, so this is a big step up, but I begin running regularly last year, and in spite of a ridiculous assortment of injuries, none of which were running-related, I've stretched my mileage out quite a bit.  I ran from my house up to Twin Spits in Hansville last Friday, which is eleven miles with a lot of hills, and I felt great the next day.  I'm up to about fifteen miles on flatter terrain, so I think this is doable, especially if I start to focus now.  So I probably shouldn't be having wine and a cheese stick for dinner, but oh well.  Tomorrow I'll begin living a more wholesome life.

Hopefully in three months I'll glide across the finish line, looking just as fresh and cheerful as the girl in the picture!  And doing that cool hula thing with my hands.


Gaby said...

Hey, don't fall out of your chair until after the marathon is over. Sounds very exciting (marathon, not chair-diving)!

*love hula-girl, too. Think I'll have to practice that stance around the house. That will be my own contribution to athleticism.

Tracy Zhu said...

I'm excited. This time last year I couldn't even run to the top of my driveway. I'll be pleased just to finish the marathon without falling over dead.

Joan said...

Great goal Tracy and congrats to the fitness you are now vs last year! you may want to check out

Shari's blog about fitness and eating. They are all talking and sharing about their up coming marathons and the training they are doing now. Every monday is 'marathon monday''s a great blog.

Good luck!

Tracy Zhu said...

Hi Joan,

Thanks for the tip on fitfeat, it's a good site. It's always nice to come across like-minded people and share experiences and suggestions.