Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick Trip to the Desert

Drew and I spent a few days in Phoenix last week to watch some Mariners spring training and dry out after the wet Northwest winter.  Highlights of the first leg were the Desert Botanical Garden, our lovely Seattle Mariners, and of course, the warm and dry weather.  From there we drove north to Flagstaff and the glorious Grand Canyon, where there was still plenty of snow on the ground but clear and sunny skies.  I got all fired up about making plans to hike rim to rim through the canyon next year, but after getting home and researching it I was a little dismayed by all the gruesome ways hikers have died there.  Breaking a leg and then drowning in a flash flood!  Drinking tea brewed from poisonous flowers!  Heat stroke! Dehydration!  Hypothermia!  Lightning!  I would need a companion, (Drew already says hell no), and some experience with desert hiking.  Maybe it will be a 2011 adventure. For now, I'm just relaxed and happy after a week of sunshine, baseball, and gorgeous scenery.


Joan said...

oh beautiful pictures...gotta but that botanical garden on my list.

well, I'm a hiker but I think I'm with Drew on this one.

Tracy Zhu said...

Flagstaff has an arboretum that is supposedly quite impressive, but we didn't leave ourselves enough time to see it. We loved the whole spring-training thing though, so we'll be back in AZ and check out what we missed this time around.

You did a nice post on road trips awhile back, and this trip definitely reminded me of how much I enjoy them. And I don't know of anywhere in the world more suited to road trips than the western half of the U.S.