Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking Inventory

It's a beautiful day in Kitsap County.  I wandered outside this morning and snapped these pictures of  pear blossoms and the anemones that are are inter-planted with the strawberries. The snow peas are up and looking strong.  The lettuce and spinach are just getting going, and the daikon radishes are growing briskly on the topside, but Lord knows what is going on underground.   Likewise with the garlic and shallots.  I still have three kale plants from last year, and the rhubarb is growing briskly.

The fruit trees all seem happy, and I have tons of flowers blooming throughout the property.  It really seems like spring now.

Inside the house, even the cat (Cloud Bai-Yun, who shares the house with us and his sister/lover Ginger Root Six Nipples), was gardening his little patch of oat grass this morning.  Cherry and regular tomatoes are sharing my master bath with fish peppers.  I've potted on the tomatoes so they are taking up a lot of space, but the peppers are still in their peat pots, growing slow as dirt.  The room has a lot of glass, which is odd for a bathroom, but it makes for a nice little greenhouse, especially with a space heater cranked up a couple of hours a day.  And yes, I have other bathrooms, so I'll still be showering over the next couple of months as the seedlings grow.  In case anyone was concerned.  In a cooler spot I have some broccoli and napa cabbage humming along, and I'm growing cilantro inside this year, hoping for better results than I've had with it outdoors.  So far, so good.

We still have some cleanup from a nasty windstorm that came through earlier this week, but generally I feel like things are in pretty good shape and that all is well here in Zhutopia.

Happy weekend to all.


Joan said...

Hi Tracy,
I grow oat grass for kitty too! What fun! And I too have goodies growing on the sill awaiting warmer dayd. Great your peas are up, my snap peas are sulking. That wind storm blew over my 3 kales so they are toast but I have one leek left and asparagus is poking up. Your garden sounds really productive already/still!

Joan said...

well I know I left a comment a few days ago but I see it's not here...

I feed my kitty oat grass too! Don't they just love it? and great for you, your peas are up. My snap peas are sulking after that cold wind that blew thru a few days ago which also flattened my 3 remaining kales. boo hoo. I just have one leek left from the winter garden but see the asparagus trying to emerge! happy days!

Tracy Zhu said...

Sorry, Joan, for not posting your comment sooner. I was in Arizona for a week and stayed offline. That wind was rough on us too, no power for a day and a half and a lot of trees down, but my kale is sheltered enough that it came through OK.